5-Year Limited Warranty


Vera Lucé Lighting, Inc. warrants to the original purchaser of American Lighting Systems branded products identified on Vera Lucé Lighting, Inc.’s invoice reflecting its original purchase.

This limited warranty may be transferred to subsequent purchasers of the product, provided that the product is resold in new condition and in its original packaging by an authorized American Lighting Systems Re-seller.

Vera Lucé Lighting, Inc. warrants that the American Lighting Systems Product, when delivered in new condition and in its original packaging, will be free of defects in material and workmanship under normal use in suitable applications within rated electric service limitations for a period of FIVE (5) YEARS from the date of original purchase (“Warranty Period”) from Vera Lucé Lighting, Inc. or an authorized American Lighting Systems Re-seller. The determination of whether the Product is defective shall be made by Vera Lucé Lighting, Inc. in its sole discretion with consideration given to the overall performance of the Product.

A Product shall not be considered defective solely as a result of the failure of individual LED components to emit light if the number of inoperable light emitting diodes in the Product is less than 10% of the total number of light emitting diodes in the Product. The painted finish of the Product will be considered defective in material and workmanship only if there is substantial deterioration in the form of blistering, cracking or peeling. The painted finish is not warranted against fading, staining or chalking, as Products may naturally fade, stain or chalk over time due to normal aging.

If Vera Lucé Lighting, Inc. determines the Product or a component is defective, Vera Lucé Lighting, Inc.  will elect, in its sole discretion, give purchaser a credit toward future purchases of American Lighting Systems Products, repair or replace the Product or component with the same or a functionally equivalent Product or component. This limited warranty will not apply to loss or damage to the Product caused by: failure to use the Product for the purpose for which it was designed; physical damage, exposure to adverse or caustic or hazardous chemical or other substances; use of reactive cleaning agents and/or harsh chemicals to clean the Product; vandalism; fire, power failure; improper power supply; power surges or dips and/or excessive switching; excessive ambient temperature; induced vibration; harmonic oscillation or resonance associated with movement of air currents around the product; fault or negligence of purchaser, any end user, third party or service provider not engaged or approved in advance by Vera Lucé Lighting, Inc.; improper or unauthorized use, installation, handling, storage, alteration, maintenance or service, including any failure to abide by any product classifications or certifications, or failure to comply with any applicable standards, codes, recommendations, product specification sheets or instructions of Vera Lucé Lighting, Inc.; damage or loss during shipping or any other occurrences beyond  the control of Vera Lucé Lighting, Inc.

Vera Lucé Lighting, Inc. will not be responsible under this warranty for substantial deterioration in the Product finish that is caused by failure to clean, inspect or maintain the finish of the Product. The end user is solely responsible for the structural integrity of any foundations, anchorages or structures upon which the Product is mounted or to which it is attached. Neither poly-carbonate nor acrylic material used in the Products is warranted against yellowing, as yellowing may naturally occur over time due to normal aging. THIS LIMITED WARRANTY IS VOID IF THE PRODUCT IS NOT USED FOR THE PURPOSE FOR WHICH IT IS DESIGNED.